IL Research Activity “Research Methodology : FAQ (II)”

📍 After the first virtual meeting in Research Methodology FAQ (I), we just stoked the fire and make us really inquisitive about all things we are now faced up to difficulties in conducting research; what are our beliefs/paradigm/theory underpinning research design in education, how can we assess students’ progression, and whether is data collected are reliable? This makes us to reconsider once again what are we doing and what should be done next.

So we will be continuing discussing and brainstorming together in research activity on incoming Monday 24 July, entitled
🔥 ” Research Methodology : FAQ (II) ” 🔥
led by our IL instructors Dr. Suthiporn & Dr. Paramate

🎈 Register at
🎈 Date & Time: July 24, 2023 (1.00 PM – 4.00 PM)
🎈 Onsite at Room 303, 3rd-floor Panyapipat Building, Mahidol Univ.
(* except for international IL students who are now staying outside Thailand, we gonna live streaming via online platform)