Our primary focus is on educating the learners, as for them to attain academic achievement through learning-centered education, outcome-based education and Constructivism. Our goal therefore is to produce the Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy graduates in science and technology education who have knowledge, moral, ethics, and a code of ethics in academic research and profession. The graduates are able to research and apply educational innovations to manage student-centered learning in appropriate ways and corresponds to social context, and to effectively and efficiently transfer knowledge in science and technology.

iLearn (IL students Learning day)

Master of Science & Doctor of Philosophy programs in Science and Technology Education, Institute for Innovative Learning, Mahidol University has conducted the activity "iLearn (IL students Learning day)” on 17 December 2021 via an online platform. IL master and PhD candidates’ progress shared and their journey of the researches while other IL students who are preparing researches were inspired. More than 25 peoples including students, instructors, and staff members had joined iLearn.

IL Graduation Celebration 2019

Congratulations to all IL graduates academic year 2018! Assoc. Prof. Chailerd Pichitpornchai, director of the Institute for Innovative Learning, gave welcome remarks for IL Graduation Celebration on September 30, 2019 at Room IL5, Institute for innovative learning.

Pakdeeviroch, C., Nokkaew, A., & Wongkia, W. (2019). Capturing Conceptual Development through the Embodied-Based Experience in Infinite Sets Comparison. International Journal of Instruction, 12(3).
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