“Innovation in Education” by IL Alumni and IL Lecturers (26 January 2021, 1-4 PM)

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Assoc .Prof. Dr. Chailerd Pichitpornchai, M.D., the director of the Institute for Innovative Learning, gave a welcome speech to IL Alumni in the online seminar “Innovation in Education”. This seminar aims to provide an opportunity for IL Alumni to share their experiences and ideas with IL students about the development of innovation to support teaching and learning in the 21st century digital world.

Many thanks to all IL Alumni

1) Dr. Arinchaya Threekunprapa

2) Dr. Prempree Duangpummet

3) Dr. Nantakarn Maneejak

4) Dr. Cherdsak Pakdeeviroch

5) Dr. Thanida Sujarittham

We also thank Asst. Prof. Dr. Namkang Sriwattanarothai, Dr. Tinnapob Phengpom and facilitator (Asst. Prof. Dr. Watcharee Ketpichainarong) for sharing and discussion in this seminar.

The seminar was conducted online via WebEx meeting on 26 January 2021, 1-4 pm. and 39 persons including students, alumni, academic staff and supporting staff joined the seminar.