International Publications 2014

International Publications 2014

1. Kowasupat, C.Panijpan, B., Laosinchai, P., Ruenwongsa, P.,  Phongdara, A., Wanna, W., Senapin, S., Phiwsaiya, K. (2014). Biodiversity of the Betta smaragdina (Teleostei: Perciformes) in the northeast region of Thailand as determined by mitochondrial COI and nuclear ITS1 gene sequences. Meta Gene, 2, 83–95.

2. Kruea-In, N., & Buaraphan, K. (2014). Enhancing Lower Secondary School Science Teachers’ Science Process Skills and Laboratory Lesson Preparation through a Social Constructivist-based Professional Development Workshop. The International Journal of Science, Mathematics, and Technology Learning, 20(2), 43-54

3. Chookaew, S.Panjaburee, P.*, Wanichsan, D., & Laosinchai, P.  (2014). A Personalized E-Learning Environment to Promote Students’ Conceptual Learning on Basic Computer Programming. Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences, 116, 815-819.

4. Srisawasdi, N. & Panjaburee, P.* (2014). Technology-enhanced Learning in Science, Technology, and Mathematics Education: Results on Supporting Student Learning.  Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences, 116, 946-950.

5. Jeenthong, T., Ruenwongsa , P., & Sriwattanarothai, N. (2014). Promoting integrated science process skills through betta-live science laboratory. Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences, 116, 3292-3296.

6. Phillips, B. J.Grosch, M.,  Laosinchai, P. (2014). Mobile media usage by undergraduates and implications for m-learning instructional design. International Journal of Mobile Learning and Organisation, 8(1)1 – 15.

7. Wiratsudakul, A. , Paul, M.C., Bicout, D.J., Tiensin, T., Triampo, W., Chalvet-Monfray, K. (2014). Modeling the dynamics of backyard chicken flows in traditional trade networks in Thailand: implications for surveillance and control of avian influenza. Tropical Animal Health and Production, 46, 845 – 853.

8. Precharattana, M., Triampo, W.(2014). Modeling dynamics of HIV infected cells using stochastic cellular automaton. Physica A: Statistical mechanics and its applications, 407, 303 – 311.

9. Waseem, S., Allen, M. A., Schreier, S., Udomsangpetch, R., & Bhakdi, S. C. (2014). Antibody-conjugated paramagnetic nanobeads: Kinetics of bead-cell binding. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 15(5), 8821-8834.

10. Chenprakhon, P., Trisrivirat, D., Thotsaporn, K.,  Sucharitakul, J.,& Chaiyen, P.  (2014).Control of C4a-Hydroperoxyflavin Protonation in the Oxygenase Component of p‑Hydroxyphenylacetate-3-hydroxylase. Biochemistry, 53(25), 4084−4086.

11. Nokkaew, A.Triampo, W., Nuttavut, N., Chuedoung, M., Triampo, D., Modchang, C.  (2014). Triangle based scaffolding for trigonometric reasoning. International Journal of Science, Mathematics and Technology Learning, 20 (3),  99-109.

12. Buaraphan, K. & Forhad, Z. A.  (2014).Thai and Bangladeshi in-service science teachers’ conceptions of nature of science: a comparative study.  Asia-Pacific Forum on Science Learning and Teaching, 15(1).

13. Senapin, S., Phiwsaiya, K., Laosinchai, P., Kowasupat, C., Ruenwongsa, P., Panijpan, B.   (2014) Phylogenetic analysis of parasitic trematodes of the genus Euclinostomum found in Trichopsis and Betta fish.  Journal of Parasitology, 100(3),368-371.

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16. Jansri, S., Tippins,D., Ketpichainarong, W.   (2014) The development of a mini-celestail sphee model to enhance high school students conceptual understanding of astrpnomical phenomena.   Journal and Review of Astronomy Education and Outreach, 1(2), 41-65.

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