International Publications 2018

International Publications 2018

1. Pammanasut, P.,Panijpan, B., Senapin, S., Ruenwongsa, P.,Sriwattanarothai, N., Laosinchai, P., & Phiwsaiya, K. (2018) Discovery of wild populations of Betta smaragdina Ladiges, 1972 (Teleostei, Osphronemidae) in a western province of Thailand. Check List the journal of biodiversity data,14(2), 1077-1082.

2. Buaraphan, K., Inrit, B., & Kochasila, W. (2018). Current policy and practice concerning multigrade teaching in thailand. Kasetsart Journal of Social Sciences, Kasetsart Journal of Social Science,39(3), 496-501. doi:10.1016/j.kjss.2018.06.008

3. Choegyal, S., & Precharattana, M.(2018) Indoor Rainbow Model: An Apparatus for Observing Spectrum in Classroom. Applied Mechanics and Materials, 879, 260-266.

4. Dorji, K., & Sriwattanarothai, N. (2018) Effectiveness of Mutation, Amino-acid, Protein, Characteristics, and Evolution (MAPCE) Model for Teaching Genetic Basis of Evolution:Students’ Perspectives. Educational Innovation and Practice, Spring, 2(1), 36-55.

5. Hlaing PM, Nopparatjamjomras T.R., & Nopparatjamjomras S. (2018) Digital technology for preventative health care in Myanmar. Digit Med, 4(3),117-121.

6. Jamhari & Wongkia, W.(2018) Experiencing the angle properties in a circle. The Australian Mathematics Teacher (AMT), (74)3, 24-33

7. Kajonphol, T., Seetaput, N., Precharattana, M., & Sangsir, C. (2018) Correlation and Multiple Regression Model for Economic Traits of Local Rice (Oryza sativa L.) in Upland Rice System. Applied Mechanics and Materials, 879, 71-77

8. Kajonphol, T., Tonwong, S., Sujaree Nonthakod, S., Sangsir, C., & Precharattana, M. (2018) Effect of Spacing and No. of Seedling per Hill on Growth and Yield Components of Rice cv. Chai Nat 1 under System of Rice Intensification. Applied Mechanics and Materials, 879, 95-100

9. Khaing, S.W., Nopparatjamjomras, S., Nopparatjamjomras, T.R., & Chitaree, R. (2018) 7 th Graders’ understanding of a fire caused by an electrical short circuit. Journal of Physics Conference Series 1144, 012134 , 1-4. doi :10.1088/1742-6596

10. Kitrungloadjanaporn, P., Phothong, A., & Precharattana, M. (2018) Seesaw Balancing: A Hands-On Model to Understand Moment of Force in Classroom. Applied Mechanics and Materials, 879, 269-275.

11. Komalawardhana, N., & Panjaburee, P. (2018) Proposal of personalised mobile game from inquirybased learning activities perspective: relationships
among genders, learning styles, perceptions, and learning. International Journal of Mobile Learning and Organisation, 12(1), 55-76.

12. Laosinchai, P.* & Panijpan, B. (2018). Titration of acetic acid and glycine: Doing does not always lead to understanding. Chemical Education Journal, 19(1), 1-12.

13. Maenpuen, S., Tinikul, R., Chenprakhon, P., & Chaiyen, P.(2018) Production of Valuable Phenolic Compounds from Lignin by Biocatalysis: State-of-the-Art Perspective. In H.N. Chang (Ed.), Emerging Areas in Bioengineering (1st ed., 105-123.

14. Maneejak, N., & Yasri, P. (2018) Nursing Students’ Perception Toward High Fidelity Simulation. PSAKU International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research, 7(2), 91-103.

15. Nopparatjamjomras, S., Kalaya, T., & Nopparatjamjomras, T.R. (2018) 7 th Graders’ understanding of a fire caused by an electrical short circuit. Journal of Physics Conference Series 1144, 012123 , 1-4. doi :10.1088/1742-6596/1144/1/012123

16. Panjaburee, P., & Srisawasdi, N. (2018). The opportunities and challenges of mobile and ubiquitous learning for future schools: A context of Thailand. Knowledge Management & E-Learning, 10(4), 485–506.

17. Pisanpanumas, P. & Yasri, P. (2018) Hands-On Activities to Promote Students’ Understanding of Convection Related to the Occurrence of Natural Disasters. PSAKU International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research, 7(2), 104-111.

18. Pittayapinoolpong, T. & Yasri, P.(2018) Development of an Integrative Learning Unit to Enhance Students’ Conceptual Understanding of Dissolution and Their Reasoning Sophistication. Journal of Research in Science Mathematics and Technology Education, 1(3), 283-310.

19. Precharattana, M.(2018) Development of Computer-Assisted Instruction Lesson on Immune System Organs and Immune System Diseases. Applied Mechanics and Materials, 879, 276-283.

20. Saengphan, N., Panijpan, B., Senapin, S., Laosinchai, P., Ruenwongsa, P., Suksomnit, A., & Phiwsaiya, K. (2018). Morphology and molecular phylogeny of macrobrachium suphanense sp. nov. (decapoda: Palaemonidae) from thailand. Zootaxa, 4482(1), 151

21. Srisawat, N., & Panjaburee, P.(2018) Implementation of Game-transformed Inquiry-based Learning to Promote the Understanding of and Motivation to Learn Chemistry. Journal of Science Education and Technology,

22. Tinikul,R., Chenprakhon, P., Maenpuen, S.,& Chaiyen, P. (2018) Biotransformation of Plant-Derived Phenolic Acids. Biotechnology Journal, 1700632, 1-12.

23. Yasri, P., & Maleesut, T. (2018) Two sides of the same coin: Student justification for or against evolutionary theory. Indonesian Journal of Biology Education, 4(1), 75–84. doi:

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