The 14th Thai Humanities Research Forum "iHumanities: Technology, Health and Life"

Human beings are marked with their abilities for creation and modification of physical environment to satisfy their needs. Through human imagination coupled with progress in mathematical and scientific knowledge, more and more sophisticated inventions and innovations are produced and integrated as indispensable parts of daily life. In addition, in the near future, it is predicted that artificial intelligence driven by machine learning and deep learning will be widely and deeply involved in every aspect of human life.
Even now, human beings have already found themselves in a situation whereby existence without technology is unimaginable. Apart from the technological dependence, the situation is seen to be more complicated with an awareness that technologies are not passive instruments. While human beings use technologies to serve their purposes, the technologies in turn influence their perspectives and behaviors. Moreover, according to the non-neutrality thesis, technologies are value-laden coming with socio-cultural and political baggage. The reciprocal influences and non-neutrality have become evident since the digital revolution in the mid-21st century.
Vital questions arise as to how flesh-and-blood human beings should make sense of and live in the world, in which technological influences permeate through all dimensions of their life from even before birth until or even beyond death, from as deep as consciousness and emotions to the physical body, and from the private to the public and environmental spheres. A myriad of significant issues are involved such as those related to health and well-being, biodiversity, arts and aesthetics, and ethical values like human rights, disabilities rights, peace and violence, liberal democracy and multiculturalism.
The technological impacts on human life and well-being are both positive and negative. An aim of the 14th Thai Humanities Research Forum is to provide an opportunity to promote learning and reflection on these impacts, whose complexity can only be grasped through interdisciplinary endeavor. An exchange is encouraged not only among disciplines in the Humanities and Social Science but also between these disciplines and those in Science and Technology. It is expected that the event will raise awareness and create better understanding of the technological impacts through cross-disciplinary collaboration.


To provide a forum for exchanges across disciplines in the fields of Humanities and Social Science in the context of interaction with the fields of Science, Technology and Medicine on one hand, and that of the social impacts of science, technology and healthcare service on the other
To present knowledge and innovations in the fields of Humanities and Social Science that are related to progress in the fields of Science, Technology and Medicine, and in response to social impacts of science, technology and healthcare service
To offer a space for meeting and networking among scholars in the fields of Humanities and Social Science, including communication and networking with scholars in the fields of Science, Technology and Medicine


Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities

Mahidol University Salaya